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Roots of Elvis Presley PresleySmithMansellHood

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Native Mississippians, Julian Riley and Rachel Ann Harden have been researching the genealogical roots of Elvis Presley since 2007. Riley, a historian and genealogist, and Harden, an Elvis fan, have joined forces to create a website loaded with information about both sides of Elvis' family. These two researchers are the foremost authorities concerning questions on the complete Elvis Presley family tree. The site contains extensive research of the Presley, Hood, Smith and Mansell family lines. Over 16,000 names are in the family tree.

The purpose of the research isn't to sensationalize people or events. The purpose is to record an extensive family tree that no one else had done before, correct misinformation concerning past research and to give readers a better appreciation of the lives of rural families in Mississippi after the War for Southern Independence. The War had left Mississippi and other Southern states devastated economically. Surviving day to day was hard in Mississippi, particularly for women. Thousands of young men had been killed, maimed or mentally scarred. There were few young men for women to marry. Often, women married men as much as forty years older than themselves. There were no social programs to rely on such as minimum wage, welfare, food stamps, social security, or medicare.


Read about the lives of two sisters, Rosella and Rosalinda Presley. Though neither sister was educated or ever married, they would rear a total of thirteen children. It is from the lineage of Rosella that Elvis Presley would be born.

Many discoveries have been made in the course of the research. One discovery is that the roots of Elvis' family tree could not be deeper anywhere on earth, other than in the hills of Itawamba County Mississippi. Vernon Presley as well as Jesse Dee Presley and Minnie Mae Hood were all born there. Itawamba County is overflowing with the history of these large families and the histories of subsequent generations. Elvis was born just over the Lee county line in East Tupelo, Mississippi.

Another intriguing discovery was determining who the father of Jesse Dee Presley was. For years, outsiders have wondered who the father of Jesse Dee Presley was. Others have speculated. Many have disagreed. Some people just kept quite. Now, we believe the true father of Jesse Dee has been documented.

  • See hundreds of photos of family members, deeds, census records, marriage licenses, obituaries, tombstones and more.

  • Use the searchable database to determine if you are related to anyone in the tree.

  • Use the maps and GPS locations to locate significant sites.

Copyright 2010 – Julian Riley and Rachel Ann Harden