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Roots of Elvis Presley PresleySmithMansellHood


Joshua Hood's cabin

The Hood branch of the Elvis Presley family tree has been a delight to research. In the 1800's, many members of the Hood family moved from Tuscaloosa and St. Claire Counties, Alabama to Monroe and Itawamba Counties, Mississippi. The Hood family has produced many preachers, members of the military, and musicians. Many Hood relatives still live in the Northeast Mississippi area today. We were able to find numerous relatives who seemed as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. Many still keep in touch with each other and hold family reunions. As one family member said "when the Hoods get together, it is always a laughing, good time!"

A key figure in the Hood family story was Joshua Hood, born September 13, 1831. In the late 1850's, Joshua moved from St. Claire, Alabama to Itawamba County, Mississippi. There he built a log cabin. Incredibly, a portion of his cabin still stands today. It is believed that Elvis' paternal grandmother, Minnie Mae Hood, could have been born in the log cabin. See more photos of this log cabin on the photo page of the website.

  • See the tombstone of Joshua Hood and many of his descendents.

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