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Roots of Elvis Presley PresleySmithMansellHood


Doll Mansell Grandmother of Elvis Presley

Although there are at least twelve different ways to spell Mansell, we were able to locate many of the Mansell family lines related to Elvis Presley's family. We have used the spelling "Mansell" for consistency in our tree, regardless of the name spelling on the censuses.

In 1818, the William Mansell family moved from North Carolina to south Alabama. By 1850, the John Mansell family was living in Marion County Alabama. In 1870, John Mansell was in Lafayette County Mississippi; however his wife, Elizabeth was living with their children in Smithville, Monroe County Mississippi. By 1880, Elizabeth and her family were living east of Saltillo, Lee County, Mississippi. Two of the children, Ann Mansell and her brother, White Mansell play a key role in the Elvis Presley story. Each would marry and produce many children. Ann's son, Bob Smith, and White's daughter, Doll Mansell, would marry each other. In their day, it was not uncommon for first cousins to marry. Bob and Doll's union would produce nine children; one of whom was Gladys Smith, the mother of Elvis Presley.

  • See photo of the tombstone of Ann Mansell and others in the Mansell line.

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