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Roots of Elvis Presley PresleySmithMansellHood


Jessie Dee McDowell Presley Grandfather of Elvis Presley

The story begins with Dunnan Presley in Itawamba County, Mississippi around 1860. Dunnan had left his first wife and children in Tennessee for reasons unknown. Dunnan married Martha Jane Wesson on August 15, 1861 in Itawamba County. They would have two daughters born during the War for Southern Independence. After the War, Dunnan, a confederate soldier, would return to his first wife and children in Tennessee. Martha Jane then married William Marion Steele. Martha Jane died in childbirth in 1868. The two daughters of Dunnan and Martha Jane, named Rosella and Mary Jane, would find themselves being reared by their maternal grandmother, Millie Wesson, as their father was back in Tennessee and their mother died. Read about the lives of these two girls in rural Mississippi. Though neither daughter was educated or ever married, they reared thirteen children who all took the Presley name.
  • For the first time ever, learn who the father of Jesse Dee Presley was. View extensive research of this family line.

  • Read about the descendents of Rosella Presley and Mary Jane Presley. Use the searchable database to determine if you are related to anyone in the tree.

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